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Trees in Camelot Unchained can be harvested from timber fields (and possibly elsewhere) through logging. Eventual use of trees in camouflage or fruit gathering is not revealed yet.

Developer Quotes[edit | edit source]

Renée Machyousky: "Not every tree will be harvestable, some will exist solely for environmental enhancement. There has been talk of a dynamic system such that resources ‘react’ to player harvesting by depopulating and perhaps shifting to a new area. Logging camps would fail in such a system.

We don’t want the standard respawn node X minutes after harvest, rinse/repeat mechanic seen in most games. Discussions will continue, but expect the unexpected. There has also been talk of trees going through stages of growth. None of this is confirmed of course. Also, keep in mind that the effect of Veilstorms on an area can be important".[1]

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