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In Camelot Unchained, players will (besides walking and swimming [1]) travel by caravans, ships & boats; Also, "Mounts are not a no but they aren't a priority because we will have the speed class. Even when/if we put them in, they will not move as fast as the speed class will but they will be very useful for carrying stuff around." [2]

Travel by player built bridges will be possible across the abysses in The Depths,[3] and maybe between islands once two of them are drawn closely enough together. Possible increased travel speed on (likely also player built) roads was hinted at. It should be noted that there is no current plans (not before launch) for naval combat or player controlled boats/ships.

Travel and the World[edit | edit source]

Mark Jacobs stated that Camelot Unchained "...will also have very, very limited fast travel options." (from anti-Zerg measures mentioned in the Foundational Principle #2) [4] and that the world "...will be big" [5] which should both give more strategical feel to the warfare and move trade and economy in general towards local markets of shops and bazaars, since there will be no auction houses.

Game designer Ben Pielstick also touched upon world size and travel in the "Dose of Design" section of the Unveiled Newsletter #2.

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