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Realm Viking
Race Human
Gender Male

Sigurd, the Dragon Slayer is one of the three legendary Sword Brothers, and is a key shaper of Camelot Unchained's world.[1][2]

Notable achievements[edit | edit source]

  • As a child, defied a giant Veil snake and witnessed it killed. Then he set off to roam the world.
  • Witnessed, and partially caused, the Becoming of the Úlfhéðnar.
  • Believed to have killed a Dragon and mounted its head on his throne.
  • Founder of the Realm of the Vikings and its capital, Midgard.
  • Protagonist of the Second Breaking of the world.

Key known skills[edit | edit source]

  • Good fighting skills, able to kill a Dragon.
  • Very strong charisma and kingship skills, according to Gwen
  • Poor administrative skills, shows little interest in technological comfort.

Key characters encountered[edit | edit source]

Key locations visited[edit | edit source]

Key timeline info[edit | edit source]


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