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Viking mount
Viking mount

Mounts in Camelot Unchained are not confirmed yet: "Mounts are not a no but they aren't a priority because we will have the speed class. Even when/if we put them in, they will not move as fast as the speed class will but they will be very useful for carrying stuff around." [1] Therefore, mounts could be natural part of caravans.

Developer Quotes[edit | edit source]

Here is couple more quotes by Mark Jacobs connected to that topic:

  • "For our inaugural Something to think about I want to talk about how a race like the Phouka (as well as the concept of them as mounts) could fit into the world of Camelot Unchained. One of the most important considerations with this type of race is to ensure that they do not devalue the speed class." [3]
  • "In terms of classes, in their human form Phouka would be able to play any class but the one that they excel at is the speed class. Please keep in mind that all races can play a speed class and for the TDD, some of their races’ speed buffs are determined by the race (not class as is typical for MMOs). For example, perhaps if you are playing a Phouka speed class, many of your speed spells revolve around you summoning other Phoukas for your companions to ride." [4]

References[edit | edit source]