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Internal Test or IT refers to the most base level of testing in Camelot Unchained. Testing of this type occurs on the Hatchling server, a live server that that acts like a test bed for the engineers and coders to work out bugs with the Internal Testers before getting moved to the Alpha/Beta servers.

Internal Tester[edit | edit source]

Internal testers are those whom assist the development team directly with a lot of first pass tech that goes on to Hatchling. Some Internal Testers were, very limitedly, granted their status from Kickstarter tiers. Though, as stated from the very beginning, Internal Testers will also gathered from active and constructive members of the community. This was done in several waves, of golden tickets via email. This was not done to provide special status to the player base, but to get assistance from the most dedicated and readily available backers when testing and quick opinions are needed.