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Help:Style guide

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Welcome to the style guide! This should help you out with editing or creating articles so we can have a consistent style throughout the wiki.

When in doubt, you may find it helpful to consult the Wikipedia Manual of Style, here:

Manual of Style for Camelot Unchained:[edit source]

  • Realm is always capitalized, along with Realm names (when finalized)
  • Names of races are capitalized, e.g. Valkyries or Dvergar
  • Pluralization rules are by convention per race. Some examples:
    • Luchorpán (both)
    • Bean Sidhe (both)
    • Golem (sing.) Golems (pl.)
    • Cait Sith (both)
    • Jötunn (sing.) Jötnar (pl.)
    • Valkyrie (sing.) Valkyries (pl.)
    • Dvergr (sing.) Dvergar (pl.)
  • Archetype names are not capitalized
  • Names of classes are capitalized, e.g. HelBound, Drengr
  • Portmanteaus are not usually capitalized in the middle, although some are. Stormrider, Veilstorm, but HelBound. These words are never split in two
  • We capitalize our own Community, but not other communities
  • We capitalize Backer, but not the verb; “to back a project”
  • We do not hyphenate crowdsource, crowdsourcing
  • We do capitalize Becoming stories
  • It is always “Banes and Boons” or B&Bs, never “Boons and Banes”

Some very important points about writing style:[edit source]

  • Use an impersonal or neutral writing tone, with no personal references. This means you must avoid using a positive or negative tone, or any “I”/"We" sentences (the above section is an exception!)
  • You are heartily encouraged to to find all the sources you can for details on a topic
  • Just keep in mind that the Camelot Unchained forums are not a valid source! If it only appears on the forums, then it doesn't go on the wiki
  • You should think about an introductory paragraph that describes what you are writing the page on, and putting the sources at the bottom. Use the boilerplate text as a guide, especially for Race and Character articles. You can paste the boilerplate text by selecting Character or Race from the drop-down menu on the upper right-hand side and clicking one of the buttons next to it
  • Sometimes, the intro paragraph will cover just about everything that defines a topic or term that folks need to know. That’s fine!
  • Try to explain things in a way that anyone who happens to run across the wiki can understand what you are talking about. Peppering your articles with “BSC” and references to ducks is not recommended!
  • Try to be complete, but it’s totally fine to make a good start on a page and pass it on to someone else for more research
  • Look for a way to summarize, but feel free to copy/paste from the Camelot Unchained website if it’s dead-on. Just make sure to use quotes when quoting stuff!
  • No speculation. That is for the forums, Reddit, or other discussion area of your choice. The wiki is for hard facts, backed up by references. Do not put your theories or speculation on the wiki, please!