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According to Mark Jacobs, Camelot Unchained needs to have a death penalty that stings a little bit, with possible "little" walk across the huge map back to the combat, and also [1]:

  • “Rez sickness” like mechanic
  • No instant rez (rez takes time), no self-rez (even for healers), when dead your body can be burned & magically attacked by the enemy (takes time) or you can release
  • Limited resurrection points (there is a healer + crafter mechanic that can come into play)
  • Enemy can either loot/pillage [2],[3], inhabit or level your house/castle to the ground once they conquer it
  • No corpse looting/pillage or item decay on death (decay on use & enemy attack only)
  • possible "divine intervention" !?
  • Looting enemy souls (or taking a piece of your own) that is - souls with names on it, and using them to empower items or spells, maybe[4] even connected with the Bounty System [5]

Videos[edit | edit source]

The Opposition Podcast with Mark Jacobs[edit | edit source]

Here (the first post in that thread) is the list of topics, in order in which they appear in the video below - skip to 59:30 for death penalties:

References[edit | edit source]