Banes and Boons Class HelBound

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HelBound Banes & Boons[edit | edit source]

The below is the current list for the HelBound Archetype's Banes & Boons.

HelBound Banes & Boons[edit | edit source]
Boon Name Description Bane Name Description
Stubborn to the End Increases maximum Stamina by 10 Blood Obsession Increases the duration of bleed effects by 5
Ceaseless Bloodthirst Reduces activation time by 1 for your next weapon ability after killing an enemy Tepid Training Reduces your resistance to Elemental magic by 1
Fear is Not Forever Reduces the duration of Terror effects by 5 Too Many Knocks to the Head Increases the activation times of magic abilities by 1
Find the Chink Increases the armor penetration of your attacks by 1 Can't Learn by Losing Reduces your rate of proficiency gained based on the number of wounds you have sustained
Shield Wall Increases the rate of proficiency ganed with shields by 1% I Make Enemies When you deal damage to an enemy, they gain 1 armor penetration against you for 30 seconds (does not stack with itself)
Steel Charge Reduces your encumbrance value from armor by 5 The Tide is Turning! Increases the panic caused by the death of nearby allies by 1