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Realm Arthurian

The Picts are a race of warriors. Both men and women take up arms, bearing tattoos that aren't just decoration but rather a part of their very being; tattoos that give each Pict special insight into the world around them.

History[edit | edit source]

Well before the First Breaking of the world, the Picts were pirates and raiders. The Picts have a matriarchal society, and it is said their lineage includes many women, even back in the old days, who were both warriors and mothers, leaders and caregivers of their tribes. To frighten their enemies, the Picts used paint to create tattoos on both their male and female warriors. After the breaking, the tradition of these tattoos became more than just part of their culture; it became part of their very being. These tattoos are now meant to do far more than just to frighten their enemies, providing the Picts with special abilities and insight into the world that other races do not possess [1].

Pict concept art

Age of Becoming[edit | edit source]

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Before the First Breaking of the world, also known as the Piercing, the Picts were known as pirates and savages. Their lineage was determined by their mothers yet their kings were men. After the First Breaking, it was the greatest of their kings that brought them out of the caves that had sheltered them through the Veilstorms. Brude Bridei Mac Billi, also known as Brude Mac Bile, was a restless young king, always looking for more for his people than their secure cave dwellings.

One day Brude's tattoos began to shift in a mysterious way. The king rose to one of their falcon's nests to consider and read the shifting markings. As the sun reached its zenith he realized the meaning: war was coming. Brude made the descent down from the nest and to their meeting place, sitting and letting the stones' song call all others to him. Picts, Goblins, and all others beheld the visions of his falcon Drest, and they gave their votes to him. They would go to war.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The Picts look mainly human but for the strange, magical tattoos that cover much of their bodies. Men and women were both tattooed before the breaking, but now they are covered in a second skin of tattoos that change in appearance.

Features[edit | edit source]

The Picts' tattoos have a strange power. This 'second skin' can change to match their surroundings and reveal truths of the world.

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Banes and Boons[edit | edit source]

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